Studio Light Essentials Collection - Ink Blending Brushes 5Pc, Nr 01, ES-BBRU01

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Ink Blending Brushes: Sodt Brush for flawless application - Luxurious design - Perfect for blending various colors.


  • Built for beautiful blending with no harsh lines
  • Ergonomic flexible handle
  • Perfect for using with masks and stencils

The package contains 5 soft brushes. Brush heads are approximately 1.18 inches each and handles are approximately 4.25 inches.

How to use the Ink Blending brushes:

  • Tap the brush into your ink or paint to load it up with color,
  • Rub, swirl, dab or tap the brush onto your paper; vary the pressure or ink saturation for different effects!
  • To clean, rinse the brushes with a little dish soap and water so you're ready for the nest time. Let then dry with the bristles facing downward to extend the life of your brushes.

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