MISTI Stamping Tool - The Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented -Original Size, Black

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  • One Black MISTI platform, the Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented
  • One foam mat 
  • One bar magnet
  • One grid paper pack with 10 sheets. 


  • The MISTI itself measures 8.125" x 10.5" with the lid closed, with the lid open it measures 8.125" x 16.5". 
  • The foam pad and the grid paper pack measure 6.5" x 8.5". 
  • The bar magnet measures 2.5" x 0.5". 

MISTI Features:

  • Each package includes one original MISTI stamping tool that measures approximately 8" x 10" and has a stamping area that measures approximately 6.5" x 8.5", a foam pad, grid paper, and one bar magnet. 
  • The black MISTI stamping tool is the Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented. It's named that... but it also IS that! MISTI's simple hinge design provides consistent stamping for beginner, novice, or experienced crafters, and it makes stamping easier than ever. This precision stamping tool accommodates both red rubber cling mount stamps and clear acrylic and photopolymer stamps. The foam pad (included with the MISTI) is used to raise the cardstock when stamping with clear stamps. 
  • You can use the MISTI system for repeated stamp positioning, lining up die cuts and stamps, registration of layered stamps, etc. The included bar magnet help to hold the position of your cardstock or paper and the included positioning grid paper makes it easy for you to align your designs before you stamp. 
  • Get perfectly aligned layered stamping every time with the MISTI precision stamping tool, by lining up your stamps before they are inked! And with the MISTI’s ability to repeatedly stamp in the exact same location, you’re no longer out of luck when you stamp a bad image. This is truly a game-changer for stampers. With the MISTI, fixing your mistake is as simple as re-inking your stamp and making another impression! No more wasted paper or ruined projects!
  • Making large quantities of an item like an invitation or card for an event? Let the MISTI do all the hard work of ensuring that all of your stamps are aligned perfectly. Set it up once, and then stamp as many as you need with perfect results every time! 

The MISTI is a tool for stamping that you will treasure and enjoy, while it saves you time and money making professional-looking cards that reflect your creativity. Use it for your personal scrapbook pages, cards, and other paper crafting projects, or use the system for assembly line stamping on cards or invitations. The MISTI precision stamping tool is laser etched, saw cut, and hand assembled so you know it's a quality tool for stamping that will stand the test of time and the rigors of repeated use. 

How to Use the MISTI Stamping Tool:

  • To set up your MISTI stamping tool for stamping, first, open the lid. If using clear stamps, start by placing the foam pad in the stamping area. (This step is not necessary if using red rubber stamps.) Next, lay the paper grid in place in MISTI’s stamping area.
  • Position your paper in the stamping area, and carefully use the neodymium bar magnet to secure it in place. 
  • To begin stamping, position your stamp on your project in the location where you wish to make your impression, with the cling side up. Close the lid of the MISTI and then open it again. The stamp should now be clinging to the MISTI’s acrylic stamping surface lid.
  • Ink your stamp and close the lid again. This step creates the stamped impression. Open the lid, and before removing your stamp, be sure to check your image’s quality. If part of the image is missing or faded, ink the stamp again, and close and reopen the MISTI’s lid again. This process can be repeated over and over until you are happy with the impression and color saturation of your stamp.
  • For layered stamping, repeat the MISTI process with each additional stamping layer until the image is complete.
  • When stamping is complete, clean the MISTI thoroughly with an approved cleaner and cleaning technique as described below.

How to Properly care for your MISTI Stamping Tool:

  • Clean after every use. Wipe away excess ink from ink pads right away (especially permanent ink). Do not allow ink to sit on the lid overnight.
  • Gently wipe the lid. Do not scrub or scratch.
  • Do not use solvent or oil-based products. Staz-On cleaner, Ultra clean, solvent cleaners, Windex, Goo Gone, alcohol, or harsh chemicals can cause crazing.

NOTE/WARNING: Neodymium magnets are very brittle and very strong magnetically. Keep away from children. Handle the magnet with extreme care to avoid personal injury and damage to the magnets. The magnet can chip and/or break easily and the magnet cannot be warrantied, replaced, returned, or exchanged

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