Ranger - Simon Hurley Create - Solar Paste 2oz - Crocodile Tears, HUA84228

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Simon Hurley create Solar Paste is a creamy white paste with a metallic color shift when it hits the light. Color can be subtle on white cardstock but reveals an intense colored shine when applied to black. Tint Solar Paste using Simon Hurley create. Reinkers to create colored pastes! You can tint it the same color as the shine or use different colors so the color changes when tilted towards the light. Apply Solar Paste over top of inks to create a colorful background that changes color when tilted towards the light. Apply through a stencil with a palette knife for definition or apply a thin layer direct to surface for a metallic paint-like finish. Available in a variety of colors, each sold separately.

This package contains on 2 fluid ounce jar of Simon Hurley create Solar Paste. Made in the USA.

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