Nuvo - Precision Blending Brushes - 4 Pack, 1950N

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Whether you are buffing or blending, the Nuvo Precision Blending Brushes are the perfect choice for a variety of mediums, from inks to embellishment mousses. The easy to hold handle and soft light bristles gives you complete creative control to bring your ideas to life. Available in two shapes and sizes to create a variety of detailed and broad areas. This key item can be used with stencils, embossing folders, gilding flakes and much more, making this a worthwhile addition to your toolkit.

Brush Dimensions:

  • 1/4 inch round brush
  • 1/8 wide x 3/4 inch long brush
  • 1/8 wide x 1 inch long brush
  • 1/2 wide x 3/4 inch long brush.

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