Sizzix Making Tool Gotcha Magnetic Craft Stand, 666609 by: Stacey Park

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The Sizzix™ Gotcha Stand is a dream come true for all lovers of die-cutting. With a sophisticated design to sit perfectly alongside other Sizzix tools, this new stand designed by Stacey Park combines practicality with style. The front of the stand features a strong magnetic surface intended to hold wafer-thin metal dies securely in place. The entire surface area is magnetic allowing users to either manually place dies straight onto the surface or simply hold, hover and move around their crafting workspace to instantly scoop them up, meaning they’ll never lose any of those small intricate dies again! They are then easily retrieved from the magnet for their next creative use.

• Modern, ergonomic design to fit snuggly in the hand for easy attraction of dies.

• Full magnetic surface 10cm x 10cm/4" x 4" – able to hold multiple dies at once both around the perimeter and in the centre.

• Integrated stand places the magnetic surface at a 50° angle, making it easy to place and reach your dies.

• Stand folds back in for neat storage and secure positioning in the hand.


1 Gotcha Stand


ABS: 50.2g, 21.1% / TPR: 0.3g, 0.1% / Ferrite Magnet: 187.6g, 78.8%

Design Dimensions

4" x 4" x 3/5"

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